A comprehensive Common Lisp Web framework

What is it?

It is a framework for complex Web applications development in Common Lisp.

Why is it named "Gestalt"?

Gestalt is a german word that doesn't have an exact English translation. It means form or shape. It refers to a concept of 'wholeness'. Common Lisp could be considered a Gestalt: it is not its features taken separately but together what makes it such a great tool to work with. This framework is my intent to achieve something similar in the web development area.

What are its design principles?

It's been said that art is unity in multiplicity. I think software could take that as a design principle. It should be possible to solve a problem in multiple ways and achieve unity at the same time by means of high level abstractions.

How could that be achieved?

How mature is it?

This is vaporware at the moment, but some of the design decisions have already been tested in another framework. It was designed under PHP, but I consider it a very limited platform and language for what I wanted to do so I've decided to switch to Common Lisp.

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This project has not released any files.

Project members

Project author and mantainer: Mariano Montone

Source code

There's a darcs repository, but nothing much interesting at the moment.

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